Cloud-based system – What is it and what are the benefits?

Published 16/10/2023


Cloud-based systems continue to grow in popularity and a large number of companies are using services in the cloud (cloud computing). However, for many “the cloud” is still a very diffuse concept. In this article we will therefore discuss cloud-based systems and define what they are.


What is a cloud-based system?

The term cloud-based includes services that are delivered over the internet. The system is, in other words, not managed on the company’s own servers or computers, instead the user works against external servers via the internet where all data is stored. The system supplier usually manages the operation of the system and performs updates that are seamless, i.e. they do not cause any disruptions to the system. When using a cloud-based system, users can log in to the system over the internet no matter where they are.



SaaS stands for Software as a Service and is one type of distribution model for cloud-based systems that are provided centrally over the internet. The user accesses the system through a web page or an application that is installed on his or her own computer. The software is normally based on a subscription, usually priced with a monthly fee.


Advantages of cloud-based systems

Hassle-free installation: Cloud-based systems do not require an own server at the company. Instead, everything is stored on external servers over the internet. The system usually has ready-made functions, but if necessary, additions or functions can be configured. If the system’s built-in features suit the company’s needs, implementation can be carried out quickly.


Geographic freedom: A cloud-based solution gives you access to the system no matter where you are in the world, as long as your device has internet access. This means that working remotely, travelling, going on customer visits and suchlike is made possible in a completely different way than with non-cloud-based, traditional systems.


Automatic updates: The SaaS solution provider usually takes care of system updates. This means that the user always works in the latest version of the system without having to remember to update the system themselves.


Scalable: With a cloud-based system, the company only buys the capacity that is needed at the moment. It is furthermore possible to scale up and down modules and user licenses as the company grows or its needs change.


Cost savings: With a SaaS solution, you don’t pay for expensive hardware or installations. Instead, you only pay for the used features through a monthly fee.


Security: Companies that offer cloud-based systems generally take security issues very seriously and ensure that their customers’ data is well protected from outside parties.


LogiControl – A comprehensive cloud-based ERP system for transport and logistics

LogiControl is a cloud-based ERP system developed and customized specifically for transport and logistics companies. The system covers many different parts of the logistics chain, which means that many different companies benefit from the system and its related solutions. Furthermore, the system offers users several different customization options, which means that they can choose the features needed for their own business. Read more about the benefits of LogiControl here.



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