Electronic transmission of data between information systems



Integration between systems (EDI)

For over 15 years, we have implemented integrations between LogiControl and a large number of different business systems for receiving transport bookings, status reporting and sending signed documents (POD) as well as sending transport bookings to carriers and partners.

This means that data is transmitted between LogiControl and other IT systems in real time via e.g. transfer of EDIFACT, XML or CSV files as well as via API. Through seamless integrations, transport companies’ workdays are streamlined as the same data no longer needs to be entered manually several times.

In recent years, booking of ferries as well as integrations between our own customers have also been introduced. In these integrations, data is transmitted in real time between different LogiControl environments.





Integrations generate savings for both parties

Electronic transmission of data between the carrier and the customer’s computer system enables significant savings for both parties.

Since the same data is entered only once, working hours are saved and thus the risk of errors in data entry is reduced.

Both parties will benefit greatly from such an integration, since the data flow gets much faster.

Solutions for various needs



“By making integrations to customers with large volumes of goods and many orders per week, the workload of our dispatchers has also been lightened.”

– Customer experience



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