LogiControl Basic

Cloud based TMS system for smaller transport companies

We are now offering LogiControl Basic to smaller transport companies. The package includes features for both operational (order management, dispatcing) and administrative routines (invoicing, accounts ledger, reporting).

Thus, no other applications are needed for planning and administration of shipments, since LogiControl Basic also contains features for handling of both sales and purchase invoices.


LogiControl Basic is recommended for companies in need of

  • Handling orders with complete waybill details
  • Planning loads and resources in a graphical interface with drag & drop
  • Faster billing rhythm
  • Integrated sales ledger for effective follow-up of accounts receivable
  • Registration and electronic payment of purchase invoices
  • Sales statistics by customer and cash flow statements

The package contains the following views:

  • Basic Register

    • Customers
    • Contractors
    • Employees
    • Vehicles
  • Order Handling

    • Registration of orders that contain complete waybill information
    • Automatic handling of regular transports
    • Printing of transport documents
      • Waybills
      • Freight lists
      • Terminal advice
    • Automatic or manual pricing of orders
  • Dispatching

    • Flexible adjustment of views according to own preferences
    • Fast load and resource planning using drag & drop
    • Simple logic regarding changing the status of orders for invoicing and archiving of loads, which enables more efficient processes
    • Full load history
  • Invoicing

    • Advanced Agreement view which is easy to use and enables different pricing combinations
    • Possibility to send e-invoices and invoices by email directly from LogiControl
    • Approved invoices can be transferred to LogiControl’s own accounts receivable
  • Purchase Invoices

    • Registration of purchase invoices
      • Manual input
      • Electronically from e-invoices
    • Electronic approval of invoices for payment
  • Accounts Receivable

    • Automatic import of reference payments
    • Follow-up of payments and open claims
    • Monthly summary for accounting
    • Liquidity Report
  • Accounts Payable

    • Import of e-invoices
    • Automatic payment of purchase invoices
    • Follow-up of payments and open debts
    • Monthly summary for accounting
    • Liquidity report
  • Reporting

    • Follow up profitability, for example by cargo or vehicle
    • Comprehensive reporting for transports, invoicing and purchases
    • Cash-flow forecasts


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The implementation of the SaaS application is a fast and efficient process. You can rent LogiControl on a monthly basis.

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