The parties in the Logistics chain need different tools in their daily work. Here is some information about how LogiControl can make Your work easier.


Transport bookings from the Customers to Transport companies are made directly via the web portal or electronically via EDI integration. Alternatively via telephone or email.

Advantages of EDI and web booking:

  • The risk of incorrect input is reduced
  • The bookings appear in LogiControl in real time
  • Possibility to Track&Trace in real time

LogiControl enables quick and accurate information to the Shipper:

  • During the transport as status updates
  • After the transport as detailed weekly and monthly statistics as well as reports on delivery security


The dispatcher’s work can be streamlined using the following tools and features:

  • EDI integration and web bookings reduce the amount of manual entries
  • Fast load and resource planning using drag&drop
  • Save time with electronic assignments to driver / vehicle
  • Fast real-time reporting from driver regarding performed loading and unloading as well as actual goods amounts
  • Automation of the process of approving loads / orders for invoicing


The driver’s work is facilitated by real-time communication with the dispatcher.

Reliable assignment information regarding:

  • Loading and unloading addresses exactly as they have been registered in the system
  • Real-time reporting of loading and unloading to the Dispatcher
  • Actual loaded goods amounts are also reported in real-time
  • The sender or receiver can sign an assignment on the touch screen of the driver’s mobile device.

It is also possible to scan waybills and other documents, which are saved in the document management and can be opened from LogiControl’s Order Handling.


A simple and logical process for checking and completing orders makes the company’s administrative routines more efficient after the shipment is completed.

  • Scanned waybills that the driver has uploaded to the document management can be opened by the person, who is preparing the invoice
  • Pricing and grouping of invoices per customer and time period is done in Pre-Invoicing
  • Finished invoices are sent as e-invoices from the invoice view, alternatively by email or printed to be sent by letter
  • When the invoice is sent to the customer, it is either transferred to LogiControl’s own accounts receivable or electronically to an external accounts receivable

Business management

The business management has the opportunity to monitor the business both operationally and financially with LogiControl’s comprehensive reports and statistics.

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